11 Grooming Tips All Men Should Know

For most men, grooming is often a straightforward and minimal process. But let’s admit it—it’s not always easy to look your best. So we’re here to help you. From simple-but-effective haircare tips to caring for your feet, these are 11 easy grooming tips all men should know to boost their confidence.

1. Become a regular at your barbers.

Get into the habit of visiting your barber regularly. Once you’ve noticed your hair or beard needs a trim, go to your barber to keep your locks under control. With a fresh cut and trimmed facial hair, you can easily look polished. You’ll be more than ready for your next date or job interview. 

2. Find which hair products work for you.

There are many different hair products available to men today. If you have thick unruly hair, stick with pomade and waxes. If your hair carries more natural volume, you are best off sticking with a lighter product. Also, the industry has made a lot of things for men with no hair at all.

Turn to your current and past experiences with hair products when picking a product. After doing your research and some trial-and-error, you’ll find a good product for you at an affordable price.

3. When it comes to beard care, the details matter. 

Beard care starts with a good trimmer and beard oil.

Most guys use beard combs and a single setting on their beard trimmer and go over the entire face with it. Then they take a clean-up pass around the outside to finish. That’s not surprising as some beard enthusiasts often neglect to style, and quite frankly, so do many people. But the options come with many of the trimmers and are worth investigating if you’re into growing a full-on mane. You can choose from a dozen different cap rotations and lengths to ensure that your moustache and beard looks great. Get creative with the canvas available. There is no wrong or right way to do this, so let your imagination take over as you try to find beard lines and styles that work for you.

4. Apply sunscreen daily.

More grooming tips all men should know? Use a moisturiser with SPF to protect your skin against UV rays and pollution. If you are going to be outside in the sun for an extended period, apply sunscreen before sun exposure. SPF lotions and other sunscreen products are also popular as a preventative measure against skin cancer.

5. Find your signature scent.

Colognes and aftershaves are created to get compliments from passersby—not knock them out. So spend ample time looking for your signature scent. Try different perfumes and aftershaves to see which suit you best. Plus, depending on the time of year and your climate, certain fragrances may be better. Consider also your lifestyle when finding your signature scent. 

6. Replace your razor cartridge frequently.

Keeping your razor clean prevents all types of bacterial growth. It also ensures a smooth shave free from scraping and burning. So make sure to replace your razor cartridge frequently—at least once or twice a month. Then, between shaves, place your razor in a ventilated space and allow it to dry thoroughly.

7. Buy a new toothbrush every three months.

One of the basic grooming tips all men should know is replacing their toothbrush regularly.

Your toothbrush’s bristles will likely be ineffective after three months of use. They whittle and bend, and it doesn’t take long for them to break or fall off after just a few uses. So make sure to replace them regularly to keep your smile shining. Having a healthy set of teeth can boost your confidence, so never skip this grooming tip—no matter how busy you are.

8. Don’t forget about your feet.

Your feet are neglected so often that they’re frequently rough. If you want to smooth them out, start with a foot bath or use a pumice stone after the shower (when your skin is softest). Then, apply moisturiser generously. Do that regularly, and you can wear your sandals confidently. 

9. Sort those eyebrows.

Big eyebrows aren’t a problem. Think of George Clooney and Colin Farrell. Having said that, if your eyebrows meet in the middle, you may have a problem in front of your face.

It can be time-consuming to pluck at a monobrow and is best reserved for those who don’t mind the mess. If it’s an emergency, ask your barber to tidy things up while you’re in.

10. Nail your hand-care routine.

Cutting your nails once a week is one of the basic grooming tips all men should know. Doing so will soften them and make them easier to trim. But people who constantly experience dryness around their fingernails should always use moisturiser after they’ve trimmed their nails.

11. Do an overnight skincare routine.

Overnight skincare is another important grooming tip all men should know.

An overnight skincare regimen can lead to clearer skin in a few days. Also, you need to sleep better to give your skin ample time to heal itself. Effective skincare helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and improve overall complexion. As anyone who has seen the effects of aging knows, time won’t do anything to reverse it by itself. When paired with seven to eight hours of rest, great skincare products can greatly enhance the benefits of sleep for your face. 

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